hsv wheel color picker

via http://chiralcode.com/color-picker-for-android/

Single color picker

Color Picker is based on HSV color model. Using color wheel in the middle, user can adjust hue and saturation. Arc on the right side allows user to change value of the selected color. Arc on the left side shows currently selected color. This is how it looks like:

Android Color Picker Android Color Picker Android Color Picker

Multi color picker

More advanced version allows to pick several colors at once. It is really not easy to compose a palette of eye-catching colors. Changing only the hue while keeping saturation and color value on the same level gives nice effects and is easy to achieve.

Android Color Picker Android Color Picker Android Color Picker

Project is available at GitHub: https://github.com/chiralcode/Android-Color-Picker/


UberColorPicker Demo

UberColorPicker Demo - screenshot thumbnail UberColorPicker Demo - screenshot thumbnail

Superdry Color Picker

Superdry Color Picker Demo - screenshotSuperdry Color Picker Demo - screenshot


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