Set/Clear Default Input Value

very old snippet from CSS-tricks:

$(‘.default-value’).each(function() { var default_value = this.value; $(this).focus(function(){ if(this.value == default_value) { this.value = ”; } }); $(this).blur(function(){ if(this.value == ”) { this.value = default_value; } }); });

clear textbox after form submit

Add an id for the textarea.

<textarea name='comment' id='comment'></textarea>

Hook into the submit process and add:


 input placeholder attribute

adding HTML5 placeholder behavior to the browsers that don’t support it. We are going to use a jQuery plugin by Mathias Bynens. Check out the GitHub repo for details.

Use the plugin as follows:

$('input, textarea').placeholder();

You’ll still be able to use jQuery#val() to get and set the input values. If the element is currently showing a placeholder, .val()will return an empty string instead of the placeholder text, just like it does in browsers with a native @placeholder implementation. Calling .val('') to set an element’s value to the empty string will result in the placeholder text (re)appearing.


The plugin automatically adds class="placeholder" to the elements who are currently showing their placeholder text. You can use this to style placeholder text differently:

input, textarea { color: #000; }
.placeholder { color: #aaa; }
  • Automatically checks if the browser natively supports the HTML5 placeholder attribute for input and textarea elements. If this is the case, the plugin won’t do anything. If @placeholder is only supported for input elements, the plugin will leave those alone and apply to textareas exclusively. (This is the case for Safari 4, Opera 11.00, and possibly other browsers.)
  • Caches the results of its two feature tests in jQuery.fn.placeholder.input and jQuery.fn.placeholder.textarea. For example, if @placeholder is natively supported for input elements, jQuery.fn.placeholder.input will be true. After loading the plugin, you can re-use these properties in your own code.
    • Makes sure it never causes duplicate IDs in your DOM, even in browsers that need an extra input element to fake@placeholder for password inputs. This means you can safely do stuff like:
      <label for="bar">Example label</label>
      <input type="password" placeholder="foo" id="bar">

      And the <label> will always point to the <input> element you’d expect. Also, all CSS styles based on the ID will just work™.


how to use?

Call $(selector).placeholder(options) on an input element with an attribute placeholder.



The following options can be passed to the plugin.

  • activeClass –The class to apply when input is blurred. Defaults to placeholder.
  • focusClass – The class to apply when input is active. Defaults to placeholderFocus.
  • overrideSupport –Pass true to force the plugin to work on browsers which natively support the placeholderattribute. Defaults to false.
  • preventRefreshIssues – Optionally attempt to prevent Firefox from auto filling values on refresh, by turning autocompleteoff. Defaults to true.

Another placeholder:

$('input#search').placeholder({onBlur: "blurred", onChange: "changed"});


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