dynamically assign with jquery css top and left for an image thumb

The addElement function sets a variable by grabbing the element of which we will append a child node to.

<INPUT type="button" value="Add" onclick="add(document.forms[0].element.value)"/>

adding pixels to jquery .css() left property

For example, to add 150px:

$(this).css("left", "+=150")
// Gets the number of elements with class yourClass
var numItems = $('.yourclass').length

using img tag

function fnLoadImage_1() {
var imagePath = "http://thetutorialhub.com/main/images/baby.jpg"
document.getElementById('resultAreaID_1').innerHTML = "<img src="+imagePath +" onload='fnCallback_1()'>";
$(document).ready(function() {
document.getElementById('testCodeBtnID_1').onclick = function (){
function fnCallback_1(){
alert("Image loaded successfully.")

Using Image object

Load image using jQuery

Before running any script, make sure that you have empty image nodes in your html file.

set src attribute blank just before actually providing the image path.

function fnLoadImage_4() {
    $('#resultAreaID_4').attr("src", "")
    var imagePath = "http://thetutorialhub.com/main/images/rishu_1.jpg"
    $('#resultAreaID_4').attr("src", imagePath)
// Called when image is loaded
function fnCallback_4() {
// Function called when DOM is ready
$(document).ready(function () {
    $('#resultAreaID_4').attr("src", "").load(fnCallback_4);
    document.getElementById('testCodeBtnID_4').onclick = function () {

 set as absolute

jQuery – Looped Slider Images From Folder

automatically read images from a directory and add the alt tag, link and caption using the image meta information.

//Relative path to yout image directory
$dirpath = "slideshow";
//Website URL to that same image directory
$dirURL = "http://www.jazzerup.com/blogexamples/loopedslider/slideshow/";

$folder = opendir($dirpath);
$pic_types = array("jpg", "jpeg");
$alttag = "";
$websiteurl= "";
$caption = "";
$index = array();

//Loop through the images in the directory
while ($file = readdir ($folder)) {
  if(in_array(substr(strtolower($file), strrpos($file,".") + 1),$pic_types))
      $items[] = $file;            
//each time it loads it shuffles the images
for($i=0; $i<sizeof($items); $i++) {
  $picpath = $dirpath . "/" . $items[$i];
  $exif = exif_read_data($picpath, 'EXIF');
  $alttag = $exif['Title']; //alt tag
  $websiteurl= $exif['Subject']; //website url
  $caption = $exif['Comments']; //caption
  $title = $exif['Title']; //title
  $comments = $exif['Comments']; //comments

 $varimages = $varimages . "<li--><divcolor: rgb(0, 0, 255);">">";

//Build the html code based on the metadata
  if ($caption != "") {
    $caption =  "title='" . $caption  . "'";
    $alt = "alt='" . $caption  . "'";
  if ($alttag != "") {
    $alt =  "alt='" . $alttag . "'";
  if ($websiteurl != "") {
    $varimages =  $varimages . " <a href="$websiteurl"><img src="$picpath" $alt="" $caption="" height="254" width="625"></a>" ;
  } else {
  $varimages =  $varimages . " <img src="$picpath" $alt="" $caption="" height="254" width="625">";
  $alttag = "";
  $websiteurl= "";
  $caption = "";
  $varimages =  $varimages . "</div><divcolor: rgb(0, 0, 255);">">
          <p>$comments </p></div>";

echo $varimages;

via http://thetutorialhub.com/main/jsjq-load-images/



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