Debugging JavaScript in Chrome

use the JavaScript Console to debug your program.

  1. Finding Errors in your Program
  2. Tracing and Breakpoints
  3. Examining Databases
  4. Looking at the Cache

Execution control

The execution control buttons are located at the top of the side panels and allow you to step through code. The buttons available are:

 Continue: continues code execution until we encounter another breakpoint.

 Step over: step through code line-by-line to get insights into how each line affects the variables being updated. Should your code call another function, the debugger won’t jump into its code, instead stepping over so that the focus remains on the current function.

 Step into: like Step over, however clicking Step into at the function call will cause the debugger to move its execution to the first line in the functions definition.

Step out: having stepped into a function, clicking this will cause the remainder of the function definition to be run and the debugger will move its execution to the parent function.

Toggle breakpoints: toggles breakpoints on/off while leaving their enabled states intact.



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