[error] Android ime actionGo doesn’t work

  • android:clipchildren Defines whether a child is limited to draw inside of its bounds or not.
  • android:clipToPadding Defines whether the ViewGroup will clip its drawing surface so as to exclude the padding area.
  • android:weightsum Defines the maximum weight sum.

EditText element needs to be configured as a single-line input. Otherwise, the ‘Enter’ key event will behave as a new-line. This is configured in the xml above with the android:singleLine=”true” attribute.

Different manufacturers make a customized keyboard for their phone which may not completely behave as the android standard keyboard. This issue has been raised before. Most people overcome this issue by either overiding the onKey event or using a TextWatcher class.

android:capitalize is deprecated: Use inputType instead

Be careful if you add both android:capitalize="sentences" and android:inputType=text, as the latter seems to have priority over the first and the input won’t be capitalized.

There’s an specific inputType for automatically capitalizing the first letter



textUri(URI格式) VS text

  • none、
  • text、
  • textCapCharacters字母大小、
  • textCapWords单词首字母大小、
  • textCapSentences仅第一个字母大小
  • textAutoCorrect、textAutoComplete自动完成、
  • textMultiLine多行输入、
  • textImeMultiLine输入法多行(如果支持)、
  • textNoSuggestions不提示、
  • textEmailAddress电子邮件地址、
  • textEmailSubject邮件主题、
  • textShortMessage短信息(会多一个表情按钮出来)
  • textLongMessage长讯息
  • textPersonName人名
  • textPostalAddress地址
  • textPassword密码
  • textVisiblePassword可见密码
  • textWebEditText作为网页表单的文本
  • textFilte文本筛选过滤
  • textPhonetic拼音输入
  • numberSigned有符号数字格式
  • numberDecimal可带小数点的浮点格式
  • phone电话号码
  • datetime时间日期
  • date日期
  • time时间。

android 只能输入数字和字母并且弹出数字键盘




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