[python error] Indexerror list index out of range

‘list index out of range’ most likely means you are referring to n-th element of the list, while the length of the list is smaller than n.

Using range for iteration is nearly always not the best way. In Python you can iterate directly over a list, dict, set etc.:

for item in d.entries:
    updates.append([{"url": feed_a_enviar["linktoourpage"], "msg": item.title + ", "}])

Obviously d.entries[i] triggers the error because that list contains less than 8 items (feeds_updatesmay contain 8, but you are not iterating over that list).

1) Python’s default behavior for chained comparisons don’t work as you’d expect for numpy arrays.
2) Python doesn’t allow numpy to change this default behavior (at least currently, and maybe never).

Indentationerror unexpected indent

Python uses spacing at the start of the line to determine when code blocks start and end. Errors you can get are:

Unexpected indent. This line of code has more spaces at the start than the one before, but the one before is not the start of a subblock (e.g. if/while/for statement). All lines of code in a block must start with exactly the same string of whitespace. For instance:

>>> def a():
...   print "foo"
...     print "bar"
IndentationError: unexpected indent
“each line within a basic block must be indented by the same amount“. (Wrong use of the term “basic block”, [this python doc]
1) Make sure your lines are indented properly, remembering that Python thinks that tab stops are every 8 columns.
2) Look for a missing colon on the line above, which is usually a forifelsewhiletry, or similar type of line. In general, if a line ends in a colon, the next line with code needs to be indented by some amount.
3)using the -tt‘ command-line option to determine when you accidentally mix tabs and spaces.

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