[error] ‘K>>’ in matlab

dbquit terminates debug mode.

K>> dbquit(‘all’)

The Command Window then displays the standard prompt (>>).

The file being processed is not completed and no results are returned. All breakpoints remain in effect, unless your file contains (and MATLAB has processed) one or more of the following commands:clear allclear functionclear classes.

If you debug file1 and step into file2, running dbquit terminates debugging for both files. However, if you debug file3 and also debug file4, running dbquit terminates debugging for file4, butfile3 remains in debug mode until you run dbquit again.

dbquit('all') or the command form, dbquit all, ends debugging for all files at once.

K>> dbstack
	  	in file1 at 11
dbstack displays the line numbers and file names of the function calls that led to the current breakpoint, listed in the order in which they were executed.

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