• Standalone Licenses

allows installation of Matlab on as many computers as you have purchased licenses for. For example, if you purchase four standalone licenses you may install the program on four departmentally owned machines.

  • Concurrent Licenses

allows installation of Matlab on a server or network.

If you purchase this type of license, once the program is installed on the server along with the license manager that is downloaded from Mathworks, you can have as many people access the software concurrently (at the same time) as you have licenses for.

For instance, if you buy three concurrent Matlab licenses, at any given moment you can have up to three machines using the program.


  • a concurrent Matlab license can not be used in a cluster, grid, Web server, server farm, or other similar scheduled environment .  Compiled data can be used in those scenarios however.
  • Standalone licenses are appropriate if you plan on having certain machines designated for using Matlab. Concurrent licenses are better for larger groups of machines or constantly changing work groups. If your department or lab has a concurrent license any machine with access to the network can run Matlab. This makes for a more flexible workspace in which you do not need to have machines dedicated to running Matlab. You may also choose to have a mixture of both standalone and concurrent licenses if you purchase more than one license.

Why would I want a Stand Alone License of Matlab versus a Concurrent one?

    • Standalone or Individual License is for an end user who wants to personally install, administer, and operate the software on a single computer, in a situation where the computer will only be used by one person at a time.
    • Concurrent License is for when you want multiple people to be able to run Matlab concurrently, sharing a pool of licenses. In order to utilize a concurrent license, you will need to run a license server. Additionally, the client machine will need to be connected to the network and be able to communicate with the license server.
    • You will need to use Stand Alone licenses for laptops or any machine that is not going to be connected to the network and able to communicate to a Concurrent License Server when you wish to run Matlab.
    • Renew: For laptop, we use a standalone license, but it must be renew each year before February 1st. We use the network license for computers always connected on EPFL network (desktops and servers). The network license do not need to renew.

Switching from Standalone to Network license mode

Network to Standalone
For R2008a and later:

To convert the license from a network installation to standalone, simply remove the network license file and activate MATLAB.

The network license file will be located in $MATLABROOT/licenses (where $MATLABROOT is the installation folder for MATLAB) and will be called network.lic.

Once the license file has been removed, when you start MATLAB, it should prompt you to activate the software. Follow the instructions for the activation to convert the installation to a standalone license.

Open a “Terminal” (Applications->Utilities->Terminal) and delete the standalone license (if you have one) :

sudo rm /Applications/MATLAB/R2012a/licenses/network.lic

To convert MATLAB to standalone mode, the license manager must be installed and configured locally on the machine. In order to ensure this is configured properly, the best option is to run the MATLAB installer again.

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