【Problem today】automatic cropping

  1. database images have the black boundries
  2. cropping of the query image boundar
  3. image is numberplate

Problem 1:

I’m creating a figure with the imshow command, then using the ‘print’ command with the -djpeg90 option to create a jpeg file of the image in the figure window.

When I do this, the generated jpeg has a large white border around it, which I would like to eliminate or, if this
not possible, reduce the size of it (essentially cropping a jpeg). I know I can use an image editing program to do this, but is there anyway to do this in the Matlab environment? Or is there an option that I can use to reduce the size of the border that is created with the ‘print’ command?

I thought I had it figured out with the “iptsetpref(‘imshowborder’,’tight’);” command, but not so.

Also, the “imcrop” command does not do exactly what I’d like, since I’d rather not have to read the .jpeg file back into memory.

solution 1:


subplot(‘Position’, [0 0 1 1]); axis off;  image(im);

 print(f, ‘-djpeg90’, ‘1.jpg’);

2 3



Problem 2:

print figure to jpg( too large resolution!!)

solution 2:

printing figures to emf files at set resolution, e.g.

  • print(‘-dpsc2′,’-zbuffer’,’-r200′, ‘picture1’) ===800*100  prints the current figure with a resolution of 100
  • print(‘-dpsc2′,’-zbuffer’,’-r200′)  ===1600*1200
  • print(‘-depsc’,’-tiff’,’-r300′,’picture1′) ==== 2400* 1800  sets the output resolution to 300 dots per inch.
  • -r0 =====using screen resolution
  • -r40 ==== 320*240

Problem 3:

differences between imagesc, image, and imshow

  • How can we make the image() imitate the imshow()?

Resolution 3: 

  • imshow(<pic>)

figure window automatically modifies itself so that the pictures aspect ratio are preserved and the image does not look stretched out or it does not necessarily fill the axis created initially by the figure window.

  • image(<pic>)

picture accomodates itself in the figures axis and the aspect ratio and the original resolution is lost.

figure,image(I); truesize;



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