Historyof ideas in 【recognition】

1960s – early early 1990s:  the geometric era 
1990s: appearance-based models


    • Requires Requires global registration of patterns global registration of patterns
    • Not robust to clutter, occlusion, geometric transformations

mid-1990s – present: sliding window approaches

Late 1990s: local features

Large-scale image search

    • Combining local local features, indexing, and spatial constraints.
    • Philbin et al. ‘07

Early 2000s: parts-and shape models

– Object as a set of parts
– Relative locations between parts
– Appearance of part

Mid-2000s: bags of features

Objects Objects as texture

    • All of these are treated as being the same
    • No distinction between foreground and background: scene recognition?

Present trends: combination of local and global methods, data-driven methods, context

Global scene descriptors

    • The “gist” of of a scene: Oliva & Torralba (2001)
    • J. Tighe and S. Lazebnik, ECCV 2010
    • J. Hays and A. Efros, Scene Completion using Millions of Photographs, SIGGRAPH 2007
    • D Hoiem A Efros and M Herbert . Putting Putting Objects in Objects in Perspective. CVPR 2006.
    • Discriminatively trained part-based models

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