Image strategy

Mobile technology? Social Network?

Why people got so many photos? what will be used for?

The power of technology and the mass media encourage more and more consumers to accept the image culture; The more intelligent mobile devices supply more chances to create and consume the image information, moreover, the social networks make sharing these stuff via multiple platforms possible.


Now, FB users would upload 20 million photos everyday, 哈佛大学商学院的一次报告估计,Facebook上70%的活动是跟照片有关:不管是“喜欢”或者评论朋友的照片,还是上传你自己的照片。

The start-up companies, like Instagram, Pinterest, are associated with photos, and their growing speed in early stage are even higher than Facebook and Twitter. For example, Instagram attracted 2 million users during its first two months after launching, and 1.5 million users were hunted by the end of 2011, with the status of 60 photos uploaded per second; Pinterest also got 10 million users for 6 months.

What are the deeper reasons for these photo exploration?

The answer is, people like photos! We human being can’t help browsing all kinds of photos. As a way of information representation, image plays a vital role in spreading the information.



1. User participation 用户参与,即怎样让图片增加现有用户的参与度?

The most popular photos may attract users more than your website. 最受用户欢迎的图片很有可能将用户的注意力从你们自己的网站移开。比如说:某一张名人头像可能会将用户导向某个娱乐网站,或者一张商品图片将用户导向某个购物网站

Solution: Building the relevant application of photo, which includes the information required by users. 创建相关的图片应用,让图片本身包含用户需求的信息

2. Push to User 用户获取,即怎样让某个用户参与转化成用户之间的分享活动

We can put the Facebook, Twitter sharing button onto the photos. Sharing photos via Instagram and Facebook is another way to do it.

The referral traffic of the Pinterest is even more than summing up that of  G+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Reddit. 用户不仅可以在Pinterest的浏览器拓展(browser extension)上轻松钉上图片保存图片,而且,Pinterest跟Facebook的融合也让那些图片吸引了更多的眼球。

Luminate公司(原Pixazza公司)采用了另一种方法:出版商并不是坐等用户下载Pinterest 的程序,而是在每一张图片中都自动附加了应用。其中的几个应用,是基于图片区域定位的分享应用,即用户在一张图片需要强调的位置上加上评论,以方便朋友们看到。

3. Revenue 创收,即怎样让这一战略赚更多的钱?

Lay the ads at the bottom of the photos? for example, the half-transparent overlay Ads laying at the bottom of the YouTube video.

The point is, if the Ads is related to the photo itself, that will work.


The actual source:  In Age of Pinterest, Instagram, Marketers Need An Image Strategy

Translation: 36氪


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