eye(5115): error using eye: out of memory!

source :http://www.mathworks.co.uk/support/tech-notes/1100/1107.html

Out of memory‘ errors occur when MATLAB® requests more memory from the operating system than is available.

Memory is provided by the system in different forms (e.g., RAM, disk, virtual) and there are a number of limits associated with these due to the software and hardware characteristics of the computer.

Solutions to ‘Out of Memory’ problems fall into two main categories:

  • Maximizing the memory available to MATLAB (i.e., removing or increasing limits) on your system via operating system selection and system configuration. These usually have the greatest overall applicability but are potentially the most disruptive (e.g. using a different operating system). These techniques are covered in the first two sections of this document.
  • Minimizing the memory used by MATLAB by making your code more memory efficient.  These are all algorithm and application specific and therefore are less broadly applicable. These techniques are covered in later sections of this document.

the memory limitations of different operating systems

Operating system

Process Limit

32-bit Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (default)


32-bit Windows XP with 3 GB boot.ini switch or 32-bit Vista withincreaseuserva set (see later)

3 GB

32-bit Linux

~3 GB

64-bit Windows XP, Windows 7, MAC OSX, Linux or Solaris running 32-bit MATLAB


64-bit Windows XP, Vista, Winows 7 Linux or Solaris running 64-bit MATLAB


 Step 1 – To verify the current process limit of MATLAB on Windows, run the ‘feature memstats’ command:

>> feature memstats

Virtual Memory (Address Space):
        In Use:                              314 MB (13a7a000)
        Free:                               1733 MB (6c566000)
        Total:                              2047 MB (7ffe0000)

View the value against the Total entry in the Virtual Memory section, 2GB here, which is the default on Windows XP. On Unix see the ulimit command to view and set user limits including virtual memory.

Step 2 – Set the 3 GB switch on 32-bit Windows XP (32-bit Windows XP only)

 Microsoft Windows XP can allocate 3 GB instead of the default 2GB to processes if you set an appropriate switch in the boot.ini file of the system. 

It is recommended that you only do this with Windows XP SP2 and later. 

This gives an extra 1GB of virtual memory to MATLAB, not contiguous with the rest of the memory. This enables you to store more data but not larger arrays, as these are limited by contiguous space. 


simply put, use the command below:

BCDEdit /set increaseuserva 3072

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