Toolbox Balu (by Domingo Mery)

Balu download here

Image processing (im)

  Bim_build             + Build image structure for 
  Bim_colorconv         + Color space conversion

  Bim_cssalient         + Color space conversion

  Bim_d1                + First derivative-gradient
  Bim_d2                + Second derivative (laplacian)
  Bim_equalization      + Equalization forcing uniform
  Bim_fconversion       + image format conversion
  Bim_hsi2rgb           + Conversion HSI to RGB
  Bim_labparam          + Estimation of L*a*b*
  Bim_lin               + Lineal enhancement
  Bim_LUT               + Lookup table conversion
  Bim_morphoreg         + Morphological operations
  Bim_regiongrow        + Interactive segmentation
  Bim_rgb2hcm           + Conversion RGB to high
                          contrast image
  Bim_rgb2lab           + Conversion RGB to L*a*b* using
  Bim_rgb2lab0          + Conversion RGB to L*a*b* using
  Bim_rgb2hsi           + Conversion RGB to HSI
  Bim_rgb2pca           + Conversion RGB to PCA
  Bim_sat               + Saturation of an image
  Bim_segbalu           + Segmentation of an object
  Bim_segblops          + Segmentation of blops
  Bim_segdefects        + Segmentation of defects
  Bim_segkmeans         + Kmeans Segmentation
  Bim_segmowgli         + Segmentation of an object’s
  Bim_segmser           + MSER segmentation
  Bim_segotsu           + Otsu Segmentation
  Bim_segpca            + Segmentation using PCA
  Bim_segmaxvar         + Segmentation maximizing the
  Bim_segmaxfisher      + Segmentation maximizing the
                          Fisher criterium
  Bim_segsliwin         + Segmentation using sliding

Feature extraction (fx)

  Bfx_geo               + (geo) Geometric features
  Bfx_basicgeo          + (geo) Standard geometric
  Bfx_hugeo             + (geo) Hu moments
  Bfx_flusser           + (geo) Flusser moments
  Bfx_gupta             + (geo) Gupta moments
  Bfx_fitellipse        + (geo) Ellipse features
  Bfx_fourierdes        + (geo) Fourier descriptors
  Bfx_moments           + (geo) Statistical moments
  Bfx_int               + (int) Intensity features
  Bfx_basicint          + (int) Standard intesnity
  Bfx_haralick          + (int) Haralick texture
  Bfx_gabor             + (int) Gabor texture features
  Bfx_dct               + (int) DCT features
  Bfx_fourier           + (int) Fourier features
  Bfx_huint             + (int) Hu moments with
  Bfx_lbp               + (int) Local binary pattern
                          texture features (6)
  Bfx_contrast          + (int) Contrast features
  Bfx_clp               + (int) Crossing line profiles
  Bfx_phog              + (int) Pyramid Histogram of
                          Oriented Gradients (7)
  Bfx_files             + (geo & int) feature extraction
                          from a set of images
  Bfx_randomsliwin      + (geo & int) fx from random
                           sliding windows
  Bfx_gui               + Graphic User Interface for
                          feature extraction
  Bfx_build             + Construction of a Balu Feature
                          Extraction structure


Feature transformation (ft)

  Bft_norm              + Normalization of features
  Bft_pca               + Principal Component Analysis
  Bft_pcr               + Principal Component Regression
  Bft_lseft             + LSEF transformation

  Bft_plsr              + Partial Least Squares

                          Regression (8)


Feature selection (fs)

  Bfs_balu              + Normalize, clean and select
  Bfs_clean             + Delete high correlated and
                          constant features
  Bfs_exsearch          + Feature selection using
                          exhaustive serach
  Bfs_fosmod            + Feature Selection using FOS-
                          MOD algorithm
  Bfs_lsef              + Feature Selection using LSE-
                          forward algorithm
  Bfs_noposition        + Delete position features
  Bfs_random            + Select best features from
                          random subsets
  Bfs_rank              + Feature selection using
                          command rankfeatures
  Bfs_sfs               + Sequential forward feature
  Bfs_sfscorr           + SFS for regression problems
  Bfs_all               + Dummy selection. It selects
                          all features.
  Bfs_build             + Construction of a Balu
                          Feature Selection structure


Input/Output (io)

  Bio_segshow           + Display image and segmentation
                          with Bim_segbalu
  Bio_edgeview          + Edge of an object
  Bio_decisionline      + Decision line for classifiers

  Bio_drawellipse       + Draw of a ellipse

  Bio_labelimage        + Manually image labelling
  Bio_labelregion       + Manually region labelling

  Bio_plotfeatures      + Feature space

  Bio_printfeatures     + Feature values
  Bio_loadimg           + Load an image of a sequence
  Bio_latextable        + Code for a latex table
  Bio_sendmail          + Send e-mail
  Bio_statusbar         + Display progress bar (10)
  Bio_labelregion       + Label regions of binary images
  Bio_labelimage        + Label set of images


Data selection & generation (ds)

  Bds_nostratify        + Data Sampling without
  Bds_stratify          + Data Stratification
  Bds_bootstrap         + Bootstrap sample
  Bds_labels            + Supervised vector of labels

  Bds_gaussgen          + Generation of Gaussian Data


Classification (cl)

  Bcl_adaboost          + AdaBoost.M2
  Bcl_bayes2            + Bayes for two features
  Bcl_bagging           + Bagging
  Bcl_boosting          + Boosting
  Bcl_boostVJ           + Viola-Jones boosting
  Bcl_construct         + cl procedure (not a function)
  Bcl_det21             + Linear Detector for 2 features
  Bcl_det22             + Quardatic Detector for 2
  Bcl_dmin              + Euclidean minimal distance
  Bcl_knn               + k-nearest neighbors (1)
  Bcl_lda               + Linear discriminant analysis
  Bcl_libsvm            + SVM using library LIBSVM (9)
  Bcl_maha              + Mahalanobis minimal distance
  Bcl_pegasos           + Pegasos Support Vector
                          Machine (1) 
  Bcl_pnn               + Probabilistic Neural
                          Network (2)
  Bcl_qda               + Quadratic Discriminant
  Bcl_svm               + Support Vector Machine (4)
  Bcl_svmplus           + SVM for 2 or more classes (4)
  Bcl_nnglm             + Neural Network (5)
  Bcl_exe               + Execute a Balu classifier
  Bcl_structure         + Classification using a Balu’s
  Bcl_ensemble          + Ensemble of n classifiers
  Bcl_dcs               + Dynamic classifier selection
  Bcl_weakc             + Weak Classifier (3)
  Bcl_tree              + Decision tree
  Bcl_nbnnxi            + Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor
                          for histograms
  Bcl_balu              + Exhaustive feature &
                          Classifier selection
  Bcl_gui               + Graphic User Interface for
                          feature & classifier selection
  Bcl_build             + Construction of a Balu
                          Classifier structure


Feature analysis (fa)

  Bfa_jfisher           + score using Fisher
  Bfa_sp100             + score using sp=100%
  Bfa_score             + score of a set of features
  Bfa_bestcorr          + Search best linear correlation
  Bfa_bestcorrn         + Search best linear combination
  Bfa_corrsearch        + Error estimation of linear or
                          quadratic model
  Bfa_dXi2              + Xi^2 distance between two
  Bfa_sqcorrcoef        + Squared-correlation coef.

  Bfa_vecsimilarity     + Normalized scalar product


Clustering (ct)

  Bct_kmeans            + Clustering using k-means
  Bct_meanshift         + Clustering using meanshift
  Bct_medoidshift       + Clustering using medoidshif


Performance evaluation (ev)

  Bev_confusion         + Confusion Matrix
  Bev_performance       + Performance evaluation
  Bev_holdout           + Holdout evaluation
  Bev_jackknife         + Jackknife
  Bev_bootstrap         + Bootstrap evaluation
  Bev_bootstrap0632     + Bootstrap 0.632 evaluation
  Bev_crossval          + Cross-validation
  Bev_confidence        + Confidence interval
  Bev_roc               + ROC curve

Multi-view analysis (mv)

  Bmv_antisimetric      + Antisimetric matrix
  Bmv_bundleafin        + Afine bundle adjustment
  Bmv_bundleproj        + Projective bundle adjustment

  Bmv_epidist           + Epipolar distance

  Bmv_epipoles          + Epipoles from fundamental
  Bmv_epidist           + Epipolar distance
  Bmv_fundamental       + Fundamental matrix F from 2
                          projection matrices
  Bmv_fundamentalSVD    + SVD estimation of F from
                          projection points
  Bmv_fundamentalRANSAC + RANSAC estimation of F from
                          projection points
  Bmv_fundamentalSIFT   + Estimation of F using SIFT
                          points (1)
  Bmv_guiproj2d         + Graphic User Interface for 2D
  Bmv_homographySVD     + SVD estimation of homography
                          matrix H
  Bmv_homographyRANSAC  + RANSAC estimation of
                          homography matrix H
  Bmv_homographySIFT    + Homography of two images using
                          SIFT points (1) 

  Bmv_line2img          + Line to image conversion
  Bmv_lines2point       + Intersection of two 2D lines

  Bmv_matchSIFT         + Matching points between two

  Bmv_matrixp           + Perspective projection matrix
  Bmv_matrixr2d         + 2D rotation matrix
  Bmv_matrixr3d         + 3D rotation matrix
  Bmv_trifocal          + Trifocal tensors
  Bmv_projective2D      + 2D projective transformation
  Bmv_reco3d2           + 3D reconstruction in 2 views
  Bmv_reco3dn           + 3D reconstruction in n views
  Bmv_reco3dna          + 3D affine reconstruction in n
  Bmv_reproj3           + Reprojection of third view

  Bmv_tqsift            + Target-query SIFT search

Sequence processing (sq)

  Bsq_des               + Description of a sequence (1)
  Bsq_load              + Load an image sequence
  Bsq_show              + Display of a sequence
  Bsq_sort              + Sort of a sequence (1)
  Bsq_vgoogle           + Search similar sequence
                          images (1)
  Bsq_vocabulary        + Visual vocabulary of a
                          sequence (1)
  Bsq_fundamental       + Fundamental matrices of a
  Bsq_trifocal          + Trifocal tensors of a sequence


Tracking with geomtery constraints (tr)

  Btr_2                 + Matching in 2 views with
                          epipolar constraint
  Btr_3                 + Matching in 3 views with
                          trifocal constraint
  Btr_demo              + Track demo: detection using
  Btr_join              + Join of matching points
  Btr_merge             + Merge tracks with common
                          matching points
  Btr_plot              + Plot of tracks
  Btr_sfm               + Structure from Motion
  Btr_sfseq             + Structure from an image
  Btr_sift2             + Matching keypoints in 2 views
                          of a sequence
  Btr_siftn             + Matching keypoints in n views
                          of a sequence
  Btr_analysis          + Track analysis
  Btr_windows           + Multi-view windows (MVW)
  Btr_classify          + Track classify using Multi-
                          view windows
  Btr_detection         + Detection by tracking



  clt                   + close all and clear all
  d2Y                   + label vector to binary matrix
  eigsort               + sorted eigen values

  howis                 + attributes of a matlab

  enterpause            + pause with “press enter to
  imi                   + display image I
  imshowc               + close all and imshow
  imshows               + imshow with ‘[]’ argument
  max2                  + maximum of a matrix
  min2                  + minimum of a matrix
  sum2                  + sum of a matrix
  mean2                 + mean of a matrix
  sqdif                 + mean of Euclidean difference

  compare               + compare two variables


(1) It requires VLFeat Toolbox (see
(2) It requires Neural Network Toolbox (see
(3) It requires Image Processing Toolbox (see
(4) It requires Bioinformatics Toolbox (see
(5) Implementation based on NetLab Toolbox (
(6) Based on implementation by Heikkila & Ahonen (from
(7) Based on implementation by Anna Bosch (from
(8) Based on implementation nipals.m by Geladi (from
(9) It requires LIBSVM Toolbox (see
(10) Copyright (c) 2004, Marcel Leutenegger.

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